PBSA Asset Management

Maximising occupancy, revenue and operational effectiveness.  

How can you maximise the value of your PBSA asset?

How can you be sure your operating partner is managing costs and driving revenue effectively? 

Is your PBSA operating partner delivering the data and reports you require? 

Just three of the questions that we can help PBSA investors answer.

One of our more popular services for investors is our ‘Operations Oversight’. We work with student accommodation investors to help them manage and get results from their operating partners. Whether in a joint venture or operating through a third party management contract, it can be challenging for investors and operators to work consistently and productively together. This is especially true if the operator has multiple properties and investors. Over time this can breed a fundamental mistrust between investor and operator.

We help this relationship to thrive.

We drive performance in all areas of operations and asset management. Working on behalf of the investor, our consultants complement and add value to the work undertaken by the operating partner.

The ultimate goals of our ‘Operator Oversight’ service are:

Maximise occupancy

  • Maximise occupancy
  • Drive revenue performance
  • Sense-check/manage operating costs
  • Recommend value-add management strategies
  • Recommend Cap-ex projects
  • Improve investor relations through better communication and reporting
  • Improve student wellbeing and retention
  • Improve sustainability/ESG performance

We bridge the communications and knowledge gaps between investor and operator and ensure that the operator is fully focused on the investment business plan throughout the year.

How do we do it?

There are two stages to our engagement on any Operator Oversight consultancy.

  1. Foundations Report and Ongoing Management.
  • Foundations Report 

Timeline: 4-8 weeks

  • Mystery shopping report 
  • Competitor analysis 
  • Budget and procurement review 
  • Standard Operating Procedure and Policy audit 
  • Rent and revenue appraisal including dynamic pricing review 
  • Optimising room categories and term sessions 
  • Investor reporting format and schedule 
  • SWOT Analysis 
  • ESG recommendations 
  • Retained Management 

  • Fortnightly call with the operator teams to discuss sales, marketing and operations 
  • Monthly call with property managers to discuss on-site operational matters 
  • Quarterly progress update meeting and report 
  • Annual budget and rent/revenue audit, research and advisory 
  • Annual report on operational performance 
  • Ad-hoc consultancy - calls, meetings, research, site visits, analysis, feedback. 

Clients and Case Studies

Partners Group is a global private real estate manager with over $150 billion in assets under management. In 2022 PG signed a joint venture with student accommodation operator and developer Host to operate four PBSA and co-living assets across the UK with a view to expanding the JV over the coming years. With an experienced commercial real estate team, this was Partners Group’s first foray into student accommodation. PG were seeking operational PBSA expertise to help manage the relationship with their operating JV partner. Importantly, our consultants knew how to manage communication schedules and reporting between the two parties. We fine-tuned the format, streamlined meetings and continued to sense-check budgets, sales, marketing and operations reports for each of the four assets.
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