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We are operational specialists. We know how to design and operate efficient student accommodation properties worldwide. We use our knowledge and experience to help investors extract maximum value from their properties and portfolios whilst improving student satisfaction levels. We understand the micro and macro factors that are attributed to each market and how to ensure that PBSA properties are well positioned with defensive sales, marketing and operations strategies. 


We help investors to navigate the student housing industry with ease. 

We offer consultancy services to real estate investment firms throughout the lifecycle of a student housing asset or portfolio. Whether you have an existing PBSA asset or portfolio or you're looking to acquire or develop your own, our experienced global team can help you achieve your objectives. 

We work with investors on...

Acquisition Appraisals

Whether you're a seasoned PBSA investor or a newcomer to student housing as an investment asset class, Student Housing Consultancy can help you understand the potential of every opportunity. If you're looking to acquire or develop a student accommodation property our experienced student accommodation consultants can provide feedback on any opportunity. 

We provide feedback on the following areas. 

  • Room mix and layout 

  • Common space layout and amenities
  • Pricing strategy

  • Competitor analysis 

  • University trends and application data analysis 

  • Demographic targeting strategy 

  • Operational costs 

  • Staff structure
  • Project strategy - development, mobilisation, stabilisation, exit

To offer our appraisal service we simply need to receive the development or investment document pack that includes as much information as possible about the scheme or portfolio. We are happy to sign Non Disclosure Agreements but please be aware that we frequently receive the same appraisal requests from multiple parties. 

We can provide a student accommodation appraisal in the following formats: 

  • Written Report

  • 1 hour phone call or meeting (requires half day consultancy time) 
PBSA Feasibility Studies

A market feasibility study assesses the suitability of the relevant market for PBSA development or acquisition. A PBSA feasibility study from Student Housing Consultancy uses multiple current data sources used by the large commercial agencies. We look at various factors when considering how suitable the market is including: 

  • University application trends

  • International v Domestic student split 

  • Schedule of Privately-owned PBSA

  • Schedule of University owned student accommodation

  • Student Accommodation Pipeline 

  • Competitor Pricing Strategy

Our feasibility studies are geared to all budgets using the following formats: 

  • Data Only - A spreadsheet of data covering the above points with no commentary. 

  • Feasibility Report - A full report analysing the data with commentary and executive summary. 

  • 1 hour phone call or meeting - Requires half day consultancy and data.

PBSA Management Operator Tenders

As an investor, you need to ensure that your PBSA assets are in safe hands, operated to the best of their potential by the right management partner. There are more than 50 third party PBSA management operators worldwide so how can you choose the right one. What should you look for and who will deliver the best return for your asset. Most of the big commercial agencies have their preferred 3rd party management partners, at Student Housing Consultancy we are operator agnostic. We simply shortlist relevant PBSA management partners, invite them to pitch to manage the property and help you shortlist the right one. 

Through our PBSA Management Operator Tender process we consider the following areas: 

  • Location knowledge and experience 
  • Rental Pricing Strategy
  • Ancillary revenue calculations
  • ESG and sustainability credentials
  • Estimated operations budget
  • Marketing strategy 
  • Partnerships - University, Agents, Marketplaces. 
  • Design and brand synergy
  • Reputation and Reviews 
  • Staff structure
  • Management Meeting Schedule
Retained Operator Oversight

Once you have selected your PBSA management partner to run your property or portfolio, how can you ensure they are doing everything possible to maximise asset value, resident welfare and operational revenue? Student Housing Consultancy works in the gap between operator and investor. We oversee the management partner through the relevant team members and ensure they are delivering on their investment objectives. Typically your management partner will have multiple properties under management and investors can feel de-prioritised at times. We help to keep the flow of information consistent and maintain focus on the investment business plan. 

We currently with with Partners Group on their £1 billion joint venture to help maximise opportunities through their third partner operator, Host Students. We also work with several others on a confidential basis. 

We provide this support to investors on a retained basis covering a minimum of 2 days a month depending on the number of properties. Across the course of a full academic year we cover: 

  • Rent-setting strategy - rate-setting & dynamic pricing
  • Opex (Operational expenditure) analysis and feedback
  • Procurement strategy and supplier review
  • ESG & Sustainability strategy review
  • Marketing Review 
  • Systems and IT strategy
  • Mystery shopping on-site and sales teams
  • Competitor analysis 
  • Annual resident survey
  • Staff structure, schedule and recruitment 
  • End of year turnover strategy review - check out, refresh, check in 
  • Community & stakeholder management
  • Capex project feedback and recommendations
ESG & Sustainability Strategy & Reporting

Through our sister company Good Management Group Ltd, we offer a full ESG advisory service to the student accommodation industry. We offer one-off project management or a retained outsourced ESG department service where effectively Good Management Group becomes your ESG department managing and reporting on all your ESG impact areas. Our services include the following: 

  • Full Property-level Environmental, Social and Governance Assessment
  • ESG Certifications - ISO14001, BREEAM, WELL, Fitwell, LEED, Airrated, WiredScore and more...
  • Retro-fit and development design recommendations
  • Building materials review
  • ESG strategy
  • ESG reports for key stakeholders - investors, students, community
  • ESG data management
  • ESG tech review 
  • Signage and resident messaging 
  • ESG & Sustainability training
  • Community and charity partnerships

For more information on our Real Estate ESG Advisory services visit our sister company website at


Experienced consultancy service for the student housing industry

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We work with global student housing investors to provide consultancy services on feasibility, acquisitions, development, operations and exit. We work with family offices, sovereign wealth funds, international banks, financial institutions, private equity firms and individual investors.

We work on ad-hoc projects, retainer or outsourced management basis to provide our clients with consistency and expertise when they need it. 



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