ESG & Sustainability in Student Housing

Student Accommodation ESG & Sustainability Consultancy 

ESG & Sustainability in student accommodation is no longer an afterthought or a PR exercise to win over students. It's sensible business economics. Your ESG Strategy matters to your students, staff and investors but more importantly, It matters to the planet and society.

Whether you are an operator, investor or supplier, ESG is the impact your company has on the environment, people and the long term prospects for the sustainable profitability of your business. ESG confronts the positive and negative impacts your company has and how you address and communicate these impacts. Your employees, customers, investors and the general public are increasingly aware of your ESG Strategy and they are holding companies to account.

Our qualified and experienced ESG & Sustainability consultants can help you create, implement and manage a clear and credible ESG strategy. It starts with a FREE consultation to discuss your requirements. Typically our engagement starts with a company, portfolio or property review during which we'll assess your current ESG performance and make realistic recommendations to help you improve. 

Now is the perfect time to ensure your company is operating to the highest possible ESG and sustainability standards.

We can help. We offer outsourced ESG & Sustainability management on a contract basis starting at 1 day a month or we provide the following services:   

  • A full ESG & Sustainability company review - What are you doing and what are the opportunities for improvement? 
  • A property or portfolio sustainability review - Focus on materials, waste, water, energy, procurement, processes. 
  • Student, community and investor surveys - What do your stakeholders really care about? 

  • ESG & Sustainability training and workshops - How can you get your employees to buy-in to your strategy? 

  • Policy writing and presentation - We can write and present your student housing ESG policy. 

  • ESG & Sustainability Certification - ISO 14001, WELL Certified, Living Wage, B-Corp and more. 

  • ESG Ratings - How can you improve the ESG ratings of your assets or company? 

  • ESG Data Management - How can you accurately record and report on your ESG data? 

  • ESG & Sustainability training and workshops - How can you get your employees to buy-in to your strategy? 

  • Sustainable construction - How can you build to the highest possible sustainability standards? 

Qualified ESG & Sustainability consultancy service for the student housing industry

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We work with global student housing developers, operators, investors and suppliers to help them create, implement, manage and report on their ESG and Sustainability performance. 



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