Design Review

Future-proof your building by giving student what they want.  

It's a simple concept but it's one that is often overlooked. What do students actually need and want? All too often, design is one step removed from the end user because big decisions are made in boardrooms. Everyone could save a whole load of time, effort and money by listening to the students. They need less bowling alleys, karaoke booths and basement gyms and more light, open, comfortable spaces where they feel at home. 

This is the essence of what our design team work towards. How can we make the students feel at home? 

Our design review can be conducted on existing student accommodation and we can also review plans in development. With the competition for PBSH increasing it's vital that your design works for the students. Our student housing design consultants will help yours stand out. We consider the following and more when undertaking a design review. 

student housing design
  • Room design 
  • Furniture / FF&E

  • Shower and Bathroom pods

  • Flooring and surfaces
  • Sustainable procurement

  • Kitchen units 
  • Lighting 

  • Ecology and Diversity

  • Materials

  • Services - utilities, waste, water

  • Communal space usage

  • Resident flow 

  • Front of house / reception area

  • Storage

  • Categories & room mix

  • Back of house facilities

  • Front of house / reception area

  • Outside space

  • Community integration

  • Event space

What do you have to do? 

  • Agree the scope of the review with your student housing consultant
  • Complete an online questionnaire
  • Provide required supporting information 
  • Be available for a tour of the asset or portfolio. 

What will our PBSA Design Consultants do? 

  • Initial consultation to discuss scope of the review based on size and locations. 
  • Detailed analysis of your current campaigns and sales performance.  
  • Analyse, review and make recommendations based on best-practice. 

What do you get at the end of your Design Review? 

  • Design Review Report
    • A detailed PDF document with the findings of our review. 
  • Design Review Summary 
    • A summary presentation of your review. 
  • Design Roadmap
    • A plan to help you achieve the ultimate student housing design.

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