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Student Housing Consultancy for Corporate Real Estate Agencies

Student Housing Consultancy is a full service consultancy for the student housing sector. We work with real estate agents worldwide to advise them on student housing transactions. We work alongside investors and property agents to provide a level of knowledge and expertise from within the student housing industry.  This inside information and constant learning forms the basis of our consultancy work with global real estate agents.


We advise on market insights, mobilisation, operations, rent rates, sales, marketing and design

We work with agents on a retained or an ad-hoc project management basis. Our team of experts have worked in student housing operators in the UK, US, Australia, Europe, India and more. We help our agency clients to bridge the knowledge and resource gap by providing on-demand consultancy services. 

Student accommodation is now a mainstream asset class and investors are seeing the potential for strong returns. Agents are at the forefront of the industry providing the link between buyers and sellers of PBSA assets worldwide. We help agents to bridge the knowledge gap of PBSA operations worldwide. Our experienced team have worked at various levels within the student housing industry and now provide consultancy services to agents. We can advise on mobilisation, budgeting, sales & marketing, market insights, university relationships, design, systems and procurement. We work with third party student accommodation operators who typically mobilise PBSA assets to align them to the goals of the investor. 

If you're advising an investor then get in touch. It starts with a FREE consultation to discuss your objectives. We'll give you a detailed brief of how we can help you achieve your objectives with us. 

We work with corporate real estate agents on...

Market Insights
  • PBSA Market research and analysis

  • Feasibility studies 

  • University analysis

  • PBSA Management strategy 

  • Operator selection (if required)
  • Community & stakeholder management
  • Design consultancy
  • Business planning
  • Procurement strategy 
  • ESG & Sustainability strategy
  • Sales & marketing strategy 
  • Data, Systems and IT strategy
  • Training workshops, manuals and SOPs
  • Recruit mobilisation team
  • University and partner relationship management
  • PBSA Management strategy 

  • Business planning
  • Procurement strategy 
  • ESG & Sustainability strategy
  • Sales & marketing strategy 
  • Data, Systems and IT strategy
  • Training workshops, manuals and SOPs
  • Recruitment
Sales & Marketing
  • Market research and analysis
  • Sales & Marketing review

  • Innovation and strategy creation
  • Sales team management - weekly, monthly and annual performance management
  • Marketplace and agency partnership management
  • Marketing strategy
  • Sales training and workshops
  • Recruitment 
  • Mystery shopping and competitor analysis
  • Procurement and agency management

ESG & Sustainability
  • Full Environmental, Social and Governance Assessment
  • Building materials review
  • ESG strategy
  • ESG reports for key stakeholders - investors, students, community
  • ESG data management
  • ESG Certifications - ISO, B-Corp, BREEAM, WELL Certified
  • Sustainability training
  • Community and charity partnerships
Investor Relations
  • Board report production
  • ESG Reports 

  • Weekly, Monthly or Annual reporting schedule

  • Budget management

  • CapEx and budget variation pitches


Experienced consultancy service for corporate property agents

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We work with global real estate agents to provide consultancy services on business strategy, development, sales & marketing, operations, ESG and investor relations. We bridge the knowledge gap with a truly operational focus on PBSA.

We work on ad-hoc projects, retainer or outsourced management basis to provide our agent clients with consistency and expertise when they need it. 



Global approach yields results

Our network of student housing consultants ensures we have the world covered. We have direct client experience in the UK, Europe, US, Canada, Australia, India, South America. 


For a FREE consultation get in touch with our team today.